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BoldlyGo was my repository of thought bits about gender, sexuality, disability, class, and whatever else I decide to talk about mixed with comparisons to nerdy things since… well, I am a nerd. I

I’m now in the process of moving all of these to my Medium account, which you’re welcome to follow. Nothing new will be posted here, but you’re welcome to still look and comment.

To give some context for who I am: I’m non-binary and agender and go by the pronoun “they”. I’m disabled (hidden and non-hidden disabilities) and one of my disabilities includes the lack of production of both testosterone and oestrogen. I’m still ambivalent at the moment about whether I can class myself as “intersex” because of that. What’s important to communicate is that I feel I have a different experience than most people do with my body within the contexts of “sex”. I’m also somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

I’m queer, mostly non-monogamous and somewhat “demisexual” although again, feeling ambivalent about that term as well. I’m a UK immigrant, American by birth and grew up working class in the South and I come from a working class family. I have some very wealthy relatives but I didn’t grow up around them and they’re not involved in my life. I’m technically part indigenous, but I don’t know my tribe because the records have been burned. Because I didn’t grow up within my tribe or with any understanding of myself as an indigenous person, I consider myself white.

If there’s anything else here that I think or anyone else thinks is relevant, I’ll be sure to add it later.

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  1. Hello there, I just came across your blog and your Gender Abolition as Colonization article which I really liked, and which I linked (along with some excerpts) in an article I wrote about the pronoun issue, on my blog.

    I look forward to reading more of your viewpoints and I thank you for sharing them. :)

    Peace & Respect,

    p.s. Sorry for the hate from that ‘youtrash’ person. Talk about enacting (and/or embodying?) colonialism!


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